Spring Clean Jam Updates

This version of You Gen #9 is completely rewritten under the hood. The original version, as entered in the Spring Clean Game Jam, was built in the Harlowe story engine for Twine. This new version is implemented in Sugarcube. While it was mostly tedious and occasionally challenging to convert from Harlowe to Sugarcube, the new version will allow greater flexibility as I build out upcoming chapters of the game. That flexibility includes more opportunities to use Javascript and greater control over the CSS styling.

Based on feedback from Spring Clean Game Jam, I've also changed a few things with You Gen #9. I've added a content warning, as well as different link styles for different kinds of links. Internal thought links are now gray, for example. Each style of link also gives you a brief pop-up description the first time you use that style. I hope this will help players who did not like not knowing whether a link was going to to reversible or not. Finally, I also streamlined a few of the mini-games in the chapter.

Now—onto my work with Chapter 2!

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