Content Moderator Sim puts you in the role of a subcontractor whose job is to keep your social media platform safe and respectable. Play time is approximately 5 minutes. Headphones or speakers are recommended.

Content Warning: Brief written references to abuse, self-harm, racism, and brutality, but no images or video.


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I LOVE this game. It’s amazing what can be done in Twine. The declining progress bar, sounds, and notifications give the narrative an urgency rarely seen in text games. I especially admire how the game allows a small amount of power through choices while emphasizing the constraints of the goals of the silicon valley overlords via notifications. The situations are surprisingly hard to judge in such an environment. The resolving message at the end is an accurate assessment of the conflicts with free speech and content moderation and the larger problem of making your audience your product in a surveillance-based attention economy. Bravo!


Wow I found this game completely randomly and  it was really good! I love this concept of simulators like this and I thought there might be a twist coming but didn't expect it at all. Very well made and I loved it!